Red, White, and Blue Challenge

red white and blue challenge, stripes by the sea red white and blue

Each July my mom and I get into a little competition: we do a red, white, and blue challenge. The basic gist is that we see who can go the most days in a row wearing outfits that feature red, white, and blue. It’s a silly challenge, sure, but it’s also a lot of fun. (What’s even more fun is that I won last year! 🏆) The red white and blue challenge forces the both of us to shop our closets and create a capsule wardrobe of sorts. It challenges us to put together combinations we may not have thought of before.

This year, instead of keeping the challenge to ourselves, we’ve decided to take it to the jury of the internet – for better or worse!

Today’s post lays out the rules and introduces you to my stylish Madre. You can follow along with the challenge daily on my instagram and with the hashtag #StripesByTheSeaRWB. I’ll also be posting weekly recaps on Mondays, showing all of our looks from the last week.

The Contenders:

Sue Zacharer, Stripes by the sea red white adn blue challenge, gingham pants, jcrew rollneck sweater,  red white and blue outfit

Madre (aka Sue)

My mom is easily the most stylish person I know. There’s no doubt about it – I get my love of color and preppy styles from her. She’s been my biggest style influence, and one of my favorite activities when I go home is raiding her closet.


Describe your style in 3 words: classic, colorful, complete

Favorite retail brand: at this moment in time I would say J.Crew

Pick a fave: red, white, or blue: red… I think! But blue is a close second. And everyone knows there is nothing better than a plain white tee to start an outfit!

Favorite 4th of July activity: watching a good fireworks show…they are magic!

Favorite ice cream flavor: have always loved mint chocolate chip, but these days I would have to say coconut chip, please

Favorite summer food: for the summer my favorite food would be lobsters. Lobster dinner, lobster pie, and oh my, I go weak in the knees for an overstuffed lobster roll.

Favorite summer clothing item: tough to pick a favorite, but I guess I would say a simple summer dress. One piece, dress it up or down, add accessories, and you are off!

Beach or pool? Team beach!!!

Karoline Zacharer, stripes by the sea red white and blue challenge, red white and blue outfit, Old Navy chambray top, gingham pants


As I said above, I got it from my mama. 99% of my fashion sense is directly correlated to her influence!


Describe your style in 3 words: preppy, colorful, casual

Favorite retail brand: roughly 85% of my close is J.Crew so…I think that’s the answer

Pick a fave: red, white, or blue: blue all the way (but I look best in red!)

Favorite 4th of July activity: I love fireworks

Favorite ice cream flavor: coffee heathbar has been my favorite since I was a kid

Favorite summer food: nothing beats a lobster roll for me!

Favorite summer clothing item: It’s a tie between a great t-shirt dress and white chino shorts! Both are so versatile.

Beach or pool? Beach all. the. way.

The Rules

  1. Need to take a picture of your outfit each day. Deadline is 11am, and we will text each other first before sharing photos at the same time so as to not compromise the other’s outfit decisions
  2. Any outfit has to have some aspect of red, white, and blue in it but can also include other colors.
  3. Outfit shared does not have to be your outfit for the whole day, but it does have to be your primary outfit of the day
  4. Repeats are allowed, but they should be styled differently if possible

What I am most interested to see is how many times we’ll end up wearing something that is the same…we have lots of duplicates between the two of us! As you can see in the intro photos above, we have the same pants!

Want to join in on the red, white, and blue challenge fun? Tag your outfit photos on instagram with #StripesByTheSeaRWB and I’ll share them!


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