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Our Engagement Photos!

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Back in October, we had engagement photos taken with our talented photographer, Emily! We did the session at sunrise, on the beach. It was foggy the morning of and I was so worried that it would ruin the shots, but I think it actually lended a really cool aspect to the photography. Matt and I had fun goofing off together on the beach despite our numb toes.

One thing I realized is how few photos I have of the two of us from the past year or so. Because we’ve been mostly quarantining at home, it feels like time has been blurring together since the start of last year. There haven’t been many occasions to dress up and get out. I love that we’ll have these special engagement photos to look back at for years to come!

All images © Emily Sawchuck Photography

Maybe it’s because I don’t have to put together outfits very often anymore (#WFHproblems) but I didn’t anticipate how stressful it would be to pick out my look for these engagement photos! I knew I wanted to stay as classic as possible – nothing that was going to look too trendy in 10 years.

I settled on a corduroy mini skirt, simple blouse, and jean jacket. I kept accessories to a minimum, just wearing my engagement ring and the charm bracelet Matt gave me. It took me a lot less time to pick out Matt’s outfit – guys have it so easy! Green chinos, a striped button-down, and navy quarter-zip sweater gave him the exact casual vibe I was going for. I’m pretty sure we’re both in head-to-toe J.Crew, which is extremely on-brand for me.

I don’t write about my wedding planning journey a lot – I definitely haven’t mentioned it here on the blog before. I think planning a wedding is stressful, and in these unprecedented times (I hate this phrase) it’s uncertain. Up until now, wedding planning has felt like a journey and a half.

Matt and I got engaged back in March 2018, while we were living in California. We didn’t make any plans initially. We wanted to move back to Maine and buy a home before getting the ball rolling with a wedding. When the pandemic hit and we were spending so much more time at home, it felt like the perfect time to finally hunker down and get planning.

So, we set a date in June 2021, thinking that things would be fine by then. We figured the vaccine would be widely available and we were optimistic. Turns out joke’s on us and that that probably won’t be in the cards after all. We are bummed to have to postpone our wedding, but first and foremost we want to be responsible and safe. Someday we’ll get to have our special day, and whenever that is, I can’t wait.

Have you had to change major plans due to the pandemic? Commiserate with me in the comments!

xoxo, Karoline

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