About Me

Hi, I’m Karoline!

I’ve always had a passion for sharing my life through words and pictures. Stripes by the Sea is a place for me to share coastal style, day trips around New England, and pictures of my dogs (99% of my iPhone camera roll).

I live in an oceanside town with my fiancé, Matt, and our two dogs, Moxie and Gronk. I’m a chaser of sunshine, hunter of sea glass, and yeller at football games. I love a corny joke and a strong margarita. I’m terrible at sitting still and love to dance.

I’m a Mainer “from away”, but I’ve loved this state my whole life. Growing up in Massachusetts, I was lucky to spend large parts of my summers here. The rocky coast and delicious lobster rolls won me over, and I moved to Vacationland shortly after I graduated college.

Outside of New England, I was also fortunate to call California home for a couple years. I definitely left a piece of my heart in San Francisco Bay.

I’m hoping to use this blog as a creative outlet to express the things I love. Whether I’m sharing a great outfit, a delicious new recipe, or a song I can’t get out of my head, I hope I can bring some joy to your day!

A few of my favorite things:

Movie: Dirty Dancing

Book: Their Eyes Were Watching God

Ice Cream Flavor: coffee heathbar

Drink: Moscow Mule

Place I’ve Been: Santorini

Color: Yellow